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Last updated: July 2, 2018


This article provides an overview of how the HubSpot navigation is organized. 

You can also find a list of menu items from the previous version of the navigation for Marketing Hub and CRM Free and Sales Hub, with updated navigational instructions for each.

How the new navigation is organized

All the HubSpot tools have been organized in a consistent navigation layout for all HubSpot products. Tools are grouped together based on how they support your business process, resulting in fewer clicks and a more streamlined workflow.

Here is an overview of the top-level items in the updated navigation, and the HubSpot tools included in each:

  • Contacts: everything related to contacts, companies, and your interactions. This menu includes Contacts, Companies, Lists, and a customizable Activity Feed.
  • Conversations: a central space for all of your direct communication with your contacts. This menu includes Snippets, Templates, and an Inbox to track engagements.
  • Marketing: all of your marketing tools for content, conversions, and strategy. This menu includes Email, Social, Website, Files and Templates, Conversions, and Planning and Strategy. Some items in this menu have additional child items, indicated with an expandable right arrow icon:
menu-with-expanded-items browse%20settings
  • Partners: HubSpot partners and marketplace providers will have a Partner menu to track their listings, transactions, and account and profile information.
  • Academy: HubSpot Academy resources are now located under your account menu in the Learning Center.
  • Account: your account menu in the upper-right corner remains mostly consistent with the classic navigation except for the addition of the Learning Center. Your Account Settings have been moved  from this menu and added to the left sidebar of your general settings (settings icon settings).

Updated navigational instructions for Marketing Hub tools

Previous menu item: new navigational path



  • Contacts: Contacts > Contacts
  • Companies: Contacts Companies
  • Lists: Contacts Lists
  • Workflows: AutomationWorkflows
  • Forms: Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms
  • Lead Scoring: Settings icon settings thleft sidebar: Marketing
  • Collected Forms: Marketing > Lead Capture > Collected Forms
  • Contacts Settings: Settings icon settings th> left sidebar: Marketing > Contacts & Companies


  • File Manager: Marketing > Files & Templates > Files
  • Design Manager: Marketing > Files & Templates > Design Tools
  • Strategy: Marketing > Planning & Strategy > Content Strategy
  • Website Pages: Marketing > Website > Website Pages
  • Landing Pages: Marketing > Website > Landing Pages
  • Blog: Marketing > Website > Blog
  • Email: Marketing > Email
  • Calls-to-Action: Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs
  • Ads: Marketing > Lead Capture > Ads
  • Lead Flows: Marketing > Lead Capture > Lead Flows
  • Marketplace: Marketing > Files & Templates > Template Marketplace
  • Content Settings: Settings icon settings th> left sidebar: Marketing


  • Monitoring: Marketing > Social
  • Publishing: Marketing > Social
  • Reports: Marketing > Social
  • Social Settings: Settings icon settings th> left sidebar: Marketing > Social


  • Reports Home: Reports > Custom Reports
  • Analytics Tools: Reports > Analytics Tools


  • Projects: Marketing > Planning & Strategy > Projects
  • Calendar: Marketing > Planning & Strategy > Calendar
  • Campaigns: Marketing > Planning & Strategy > Campaigns

Updated navigational instructions for CRM Free & Sales Hub tools

Previous menu item: new navigational path

Dashboard: Reports > Dashboard

Contacts: Contacts > Contacts

Companies: Contacts > Companies

Deals: Sales > Deals

TasksSales > Tasks

Sales Tools

  • Activity Feed: Contacts > Activity Feed
  • Snippets: Conversations > Snippets
  • Templates: Conversations > Templates
  • Sequences: Automation > Sequences
  • Documents: Sales > Documents
  • Prospects: Reports > Analytics Tools
  • Meetings: Sales > Meetings
  • Messages: Conversations > Messages, Conversations > Inbox
  • Workflows: Automation > Reports


  • Analytics Tools: Reports Analytics Tools
  • Dashboards: Reports > Dashboard

Settings: Settings icon settings th> left sidebar: Sales

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