How do I clear a contact property value for multiple contacts at once?

Last updated: January 23, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

You can clear contact property values in bulk using workflows. This functionality will reset the value to blank for the chosen property. This might be helpful if, for example, you have a custom date property used to note when a prospect started their free trial and need to reset the date.

  • Navigate to Workflows:
    • In your Marketing Professional or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Workflows.
    • In your Sales Professional account, navigate to Sales Tools > Workflows.
  • From the workflows dashboard, click Create workflow in the upper right or click the name of an existing workflow.
  • Choose a workflow starting condition - these contacts will have their property value cleared.
  • Click the plus (+) icon to add an action
  • Select Clear a contact property value from the list of actions and then select the contact property you'd like to clear. 
  • Click Save.
  • Activate your workflow using the toggle in the upper right-hand corner.

Whenever a contact enters your workflow, the chosen contact property will be cleared on their contact record. You can also choose to enroll the contacts that already meet your enrollment criteria when activating your workflow. 

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